To some, blogging may not seem that big of a deal.  In reality, it IS a big deal because there’s a huge amount of pressure that goes with making one’s writings public.

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a lecture by New Testament professor John MG Barclay.  In his introduction he talked about the pressure of being a grad student in today’s world.  Compared to previous years, there’s so much perceived intense pressure to do everything and to do it well.  Meaning when you blog, you put yourself out there and everyone can read what you’ve written.  But it’s not just in a theological journal, it’s on the internet – it’s EVERYWHERE!!!  Some readers may feel nourished by what you’ve written, but others may way want to dissect and diagram the entire piece.  That’s pressure.

Because of the need to make it eternally perfect, it makes one hesitate before hitting the ‘publish’ button.  “Do I really want to put this out there?  Is it good enough?

My hope and prayer with The Emmaus Diner is to blast beyond that self-imposed pressure in order that this blog may be used to serve you, the reader, whoever and where ever you are.  There are many options for personal and spiritual growth in this world and it’s my prayer that The Emmaus Diner will be used by God to transform your life.  Just like on the actual road to Emmaus, I pray Jesus will use this blog to open up the Scriptures to all of us (Luke 24:32).